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We test a definitive backwoods water treatment framework in the high heaps of Peru and Mongolia, MSR has been a long-lasting pioneer in boondocks water sanitization, so it's nothing unexpected that their Guardian has turned into our go-to siphon for huge excursions abroad. We took this novel half and half channel and purifier along to Peru's Cordillera Blanca and Mongolia's focal mountains, and left away amazingly dazzled without breaking a sweat of utilization, absence of required support, sensible weight, and wonderful sturdiness. While certainly not the least expensive or lightest choice available, we think the additional expense and ounces are justified, despite all the trouble in the correct circumstances. Underneath, we separate the Guardian's arrangement and usefulness, support, weight and packability, assemble quality and sturdiness, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. To perceive how it piles up, see our article on the best exploring water channels and purifiers.

MSR Guardian Purifier
Type: Pump channel and purifier
Weight: 1 lb. 1.3 oz.
Channel life: 10,000 liters
What we like: The most progressive backwoods water treatment framework available and an incredible choice for movement.
What we don't: At $350, the Guardian is exceptionally expensive and pointless excess for some exploring situations.
Rating: (4.6/5)

Arrangement and Functionality
The MSR Guardian was amazingly simple to set up and use, even on the first go. All we needed to do was unscrew the top and append a Nalgene (or hold it overtop of an alternate size jug or repository), drop the admission hose into a water source, and start siphoning. When water started climbing the hose, we were quickly intrigued by how quick the Guardian functioned. We normally sifted four liters one after another, which took around three or four minutes (the Guardian claims it can yield about 2.5 liters every moment, except we generally see producer guarantees as somewhat eager or require impeccable conditions). Since it was so straightforward, we wound up utilizing separated water for all that we did on our outing, including washing dishes. We had a few issues keeping the admission hose under the water—it would in general flip and buoy to the top when left in both streaming and still sources—however with a bit of whining, we discovered that hotel it against a stone was a simple arrangement.

While the Guardian is very simple to utilize, its actual distinguishing strength is in its cross breed filtration and cleansing usefulness. A brisk diagram here: water channels don't expel infections (siphons from brands like Katadyn and MSR just ensure against protozoa and microorganisms), while water purifiers (like Aquamira drops) don't channel residue or particles from water. Be that as it may, the MSR Guardian offers the best of the two universes by enabling you to both channel and cleanse water all the while—a definitive genuine feelings of serenity when hiking in high-use regions (infections are most normally conveyed in human waste). As a genuine test, on our first evening bikepacking in Peru's Cordillera Blanca go, we siphoned and drank from a rivulet where a full dairy animals skeleton had stopped and didn't become ill. Actually, the Guardian is such a dependable and helpful framework that it's presently being utilized as a crisis water purifier after cataclysmic events and in less-created nations around the globe.


Beside simple arrangement and separating, another selling purpose of the MSR Guardian is the absence of support. In any event, when our lone decision was dinky water, it never got hindered with residue or eased back in stream. How can it achieve this? On each stroke, the Guardian self-cleans by utilizing 10 percent of its water to flush out contaminants in the channel, which means you don't have to problem with continually cleaning the cartridge to look after stream. Notwithstanding our Peru trip, we utilized the Guardian on a bikepacking experience in Mongolia's Khangai extend and a climbing trip in the Tavan Bogd massif. In the two cases, water sources were spread out and shady, best case scenario, however the Guardian kept up its quick stream and created clear water every single time. Toward the finish of three weeks of substantial and day by day use, our purifier required no cleaning at all.

Further, the Guardian's channel can treat up to 10,000 liters before waiting be supplanted. By MSR's case, this implies four individuals could treat water with the Guardian for around 60 days out of each year for a long time before it required another channel. Indeed, even as prepared apparatus analyzers who regularly put their hardware through the wringer, that certainly will take us some time. For examination, another siphon framework like the Katadyn Hiker Pro Microfilter will require substitution each 750 liters. So, while the Guardian wins out at all measure of support required for a siphon framework, different choices like straw channels frequently require even less work—the Sawyer Squeeze has a channel life of 1 million gallons, and the Sawyer Mini can deal with 100,000 liters.

Weight and Packability

At 1 pound 1.3 ounces, the Guardian is perhaps the heaviest alternative available. We cherished the MSR while voyaging abroad in less-created territories for its cleansing capacities, however it might be pointless excess in case you're remaining inside the United States. For instance, a siphon channel (that doesn't sanitize) like the Katadyn Hiker Microfilter undermines the Guardian by in excess of 6 ounces, which includes up rapidly the trail. So, we think the Guardian's additional weight is justified, despite all the trouble in case you're searching for a do-everything framework that you can take anyplace. We were satisfied with the true serenity and capacity to channel any water source we experienced in Peru and Mongolia—paying little respect to clearness, profundity, or creature corpses.

Capacity size and weight are sensible for the Guardian's huge limit and yield. The cylinders wrap flawlessly around the channel and it's anything but difficult to fit everything into the included stockpiling pack (which additionally commendably got any outstanding water dry the siphon at whatever point we set it away). When pressed, the Guardian is about the size of a 1-liter water bottle. It's certainly bulkier than other siphon frameworks, yet essentially progressively strong too (more on this in the segment beneath).

Construct Quality and Durability

The MSR Guardian is head and shoulders over the challenge as far as manufacture quality. We've confronted numerous strength issues with different siphons—in particular hoses and other little plastic parts snapping off—yet we saw the Guardian as observably increasingly tough. To the extent the channel some portion of the framework goes, MSR uses empty fiber, which is genuinely regular among siphon filtration models. Nonetheless, the pores in this material are unbelievably little—0.02 microns, to be precise (1 micron is equivalent to 1 millionth of a meter)— which is the means by which the Guardian figures out how to obstruct the most minor of waterborne dangers: infections. That is no little accomplishment, given that most different siphons can't state the equivalent (either bright or synthetic treatment is required to channel infections). For examination, the Katadyn Hiker and MSR MiniWorks EX siphon channels both have pore sizes of 0.2 microns, or multiple times the size of the Guardian.

So also, the polyurethane lodging of the Guardian took care of our thorough testing easily. MSR claims it can withstand a 6-foot drop onto concrete, and despite the fact that we didn't duplicate that careful test, we did incidentally kick it around in the wake of separating and it has indicated simply slight corrective wear. We likewise left the channel in the vestibule of our hiking tent around evening time, where it confronted temperatures that plunged well underneath solidifying, and it turned out sound and in full working request.

What We Like

The Guardian is in its very own class as a half breed siphon channel and purifier, making it an extraordinary choice for movement.

Oneself cleaning framework shields the channel from stopping up while enabling the stream to stay steady, which is long ways from less expensive channels that require consistent consideration.

Incredibly simple to set up and use.

The Guardian has a noteworthy 10,000-liter channel life, which means it requires next to no support after some time.

What We Don't

At an astounding $350 and more than one pound, it's one of the most costly and heaviest water filtration alternatives available.

The additional cleaning capacities might be pointless excess except if you're going in high-utilize territories or less-created locales of the world.

The admission hose flipped around and left the water inadvertently on different events, expecting us to stop it against a stone to channel appropriately.

The Competition

The MSR Guardian is in its very own class with regards to a siphon that can both cleanse and channel water—no other framework does both. Notwithstanding, there are numerous other siphon channels available that should function admirably for most exploring trips, and will shave noteworthy weight and cost all the while. The Katadyn Hiker Microfilter, for instance, times in at 11 ounces (6 ounces lighter than the MSR) and costs just $70. All things considered, its moderately short channel life (750 liters) and expensive substitution channel ($50) make it a less engaging long haul alternative, particularly for the individuals who intend to travel abroad and need the decontamination. In any case, for end of the week explorers searching for a dependable and simple to-utilize siphon channel—for $270 not exactly the MSR—the Katadyn is a fine decision.

In case you're thinking about the Katadyn however need a more drawn out channel life, MSR's MiniWorks EX may possess all the necessary qualities. The two channels have a similar pore size (0.2 microns) and ensure against Giardia and cryptosporidium, yet not infections. The Katadyn is lighter at 11 ounces, yet the MSR has a fundamentally longer channel life at 2,000 liters (the MSR is carbon/fired while the Katadyn is simply carbon). Further, the two siphons enable you to channel water without the burdens of straws or beads. All things considered, we saw the MiniWorks EX as delayed from the beginning (it has a recorded stream pace of 1 liter for each moment, however we encountered a much more slow rate, in actuality), and had a much smoother and increasingly dependable involvement with the MSR Guardian.

Siphon frameworks aside, we're colossal aficionados of gravity channels for hiking, which is the reason Platypus' GravityWorks 4L tops our rundown of hiking water channels and purifiers. This 11.5-ounce model can channel up to 1,500 liters before waiting be supplanted and requires no exertion. Rather than siphoning, you essentially top off the repository, drape it from a tree limb or stone, and sit tight a couple of minutes for it to channel into the perfect supply. In any case, in spite of its usability, water recovery can be a torment on the off chance that you don't have a sensibly profound or moving source (like any framework that depends on a pack to gather water). While we cherish the accommodation and less expensive sticker price, a siphon is better for low water sources, and the MSR wins again as far as infection assurance.

To wrap things up, if water cleansing is the thing that you are after, basic Aquamira synthetic drops can work. This framework costs just $15 and weighs just 3 ounces, and the fluid chlorine dioxide arrangement successfully executes protozoa, microscopic organisms, and infections. To cleanse water, you blend 7 drops every one of Part An and Part B in the including top, let it sit for 5 minutes, and add the blend to 1 liter of water. At that point sit tight 15 minutes before drinking for assurance from Giardia, microbes, and infections (4 hours for Cryptosporidium). Or then again, Katadyn's Micropur tablets are simpler to utilize (no blending required) yet require 30 minutes aggregate to kill Giardia, in addition to they leave marginally to a greater degree a compound taste. What's more, shrewd hikers who need filtration and decontamination in specific situations can utilize a less expensive siphon channel like the Katydyn Microfilter referenced above and include concoction drops when wanted.


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